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Join to Win iPhone 15! (Event ended)

Join Lootex Season 2 for a chance to win $LOOT and $SAND worth a whopping 20,000U! Scroll down to discover the exciting missions for a chance to take home an iPhone 15!

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Event Period (UTC+0):

11/14 7:00 – 12/12 10:00

Total Prize Pool:

10,000 $USD worth of $LOOT
10,000 $USD worth of $SAND

Bonus Prize Pool:

Up to 2 iPhone 15

Lootizen, Welcome to Lootex

Basic Mission

Complete 5 basic missions to earn an iPhone 15 raffle ticket and unlock additional missions! Looking to increase your chances? Check out what other missions below can earn you more raffle tickets!

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Go to Missions

Be the Host, Make a Deal

Now, it's your turn to be the host and spread your referral code. 
Invite your friends to join Lootex!

Invite Mission - Earn an unlimited maximum reward of $LOOT

This is a 165,000 $LOOT prize pool, first come, first served, with no maximum reward per account.

Go to Missions
Go to Missions

Trade Mission - Get a maximum reward of 2000 $LOOT

This is a 335,000 $LOOT prize pool, first come, first served, with a maximum of 100 trades per account.

Check the Rules
Check the Rules

iPhone Hunter

As an experienced iPhone hunter, you wouldn't want to miss the chance to increase your odds of winning, right?

Ticket Bonus Mission

We've prepared plenty of raffle tickets for you in the Ticket Bonus Mission!

Go to Missions
Go to Missions

Partnership Bonus Mission Lootex Land on The Sandbox

Total Prize Pool: 30K $SAND & more Raffle Tickets

Lootex Land Bonus Missions

Head over to The Sandbox and join the 30K $SAND prize pool, and get 5 extra tickets by completing the Partnership Bonus Mission.

Go to Event
Go to Event

Achieve the goals and unlock the iPhone

  • Unlock when the number of registrations reaches 50,000
  • Unlock when the count of transaction reaches 5,000

Last chance! Join the Season 2 to get iPhone 15 & Big Rewards

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Please read carefully


If the winner is unwilling or fails to redeem the prize within the designated period, if the contact information is changed and cannot be reached, or if there are other reasons attributable to the winner that prevent the completion of the prize claiming process, it shall be deemed as giving up the right to claim the prize, and the winner shall have no objections.

The winner shall not specify the content of the prize or request replacement or cashing of the prize. The qualification for winning cannot be transferred or reissued, and is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. The organizer reserves the right to change the prize for an equivalent value at any time, without further notice.

Lootex reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the event, and any other matters not covered in these terms and conditions shall be subject to the website announcement.

The prizes of this event belong to the chance-to-win category. According to the tax regulations of the Republic of China, if the prize value exceeds NT$1,001 or more, Lootex shall issue a withholding and payment voucher. If the prize value exceeds NT$20,010 or more, the winner shall be responsible for paying 10% of the gift value as tax. For individuals who do not reside in the Republic of China (i.e. Taiwanese and foreigners who have not resided in the Republic of China for 183 days), regardless of the amount won, they shall be responsible for paying 20% of the gift value as tax, and Lootex shall collect and issue a withholding and payment voucher on their behalf.


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